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    Heads up on Zone Diet--Broken CJ Links?
    This is for the Zone Diet (Official Site) program -- Not the Zone Diet Delivery
    Program that has a Healthy EPC.

    Many of HTML CJ URLs found thru the "get links" go to:

    Which is Not the Zone Diet Site (of course). I didn't check all the URL's, but did check both banner & text links. Maybe this is why they have a 0 EPC.

    So, if you have this program on your website(s) you might want to check your links.

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    I had gotten an email that they were quitting their program. They now show up as Advertiser Expired for me.

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    Now, this is weird ... How recently were they deactivated?

    I can still get them to show up under search for kw "zone" and go into
    their program interface for links, etc. & they're not on my deactivated

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    Hi All

    We'll explore and find out what happened here, Diet Zone was part of the Waterfront Media affiliate program however the brand was dropped the same month as we took over so we never got to grips with them. That said we'll check with WFM and get some feedback asap on this issue. It may be that this is now being handled direct by Diet Zone now.


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    Zone no longer in the Waterfront Media stable
    Hi all: yep - the Zone Diet isn't part of the WFM stable - the South Beach Diet, Sonoma Diet and (soon) the Duke Diet are being managed by AMWSO and WFM.


    Will H-W

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