Here in the UK, they're due on the 31st of January and despite my best intentions (from before Christmas) I didn't start it until today.

The intention was that I did it online, so I spent the day working through all the figures, then I came to fill it in and send it off and find that they need to POST the authorization code to you - takes up to 7 days!

Phone them up and find I can print the forms, so I download them and press print. My ultra-reliable laser printer, never a cough in the last two years has a paper feed problem! (there's a 100 fine and interest for handing them in late). I now have no dummies in the pram at all and all my teddies are missing, but I have completed it and just need to post it tomorrow and make a payment online (which I did before so I know that part of it is ok).

What sadist invented this exquisite torture whereby YOU have to go through such a painful process to work out how much YOU owe and then make out a big fat payment for no discernable reward. The year in question was April 2005-April 2006, so a nice profit has lost its edge now as it's totally a stress payment as I found myself trying to get the figures DOWN so I earned less.