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    Priceline, Travelocity, and Cingular fined for using adware
    Priceline, Travelocity, and Cingular, three high-profile companies that advertised through nuisance adware programs have agreed to pay fines and reform their practices, according to the New York Attorney General.

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    Ha Ha

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    wow. this is big!

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    The announcement is big, if it gets enough play. Unfortunately the monetary damages, which are usually the "stick" the legal system can use to get companies into compliance, are insignificant; especially to the likes of those three.
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    Those fines are a mere pittance, a slap on the wrist. With the millions these companies have? Get real.

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    The fines were token amounts for those companies. But the message has been sent.

    Would be better if someone filed a class action.

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    Despite the minimal fines this is a major step. It makes merchants accountable for where their ads show up. This means they need to put more resources into their affiliate channels and monitor how affiliates are using their brand. I wonder what sort of impact this will have on affiliate networks. Maybe they will start requiring affiliates to disclose how they're marketing and through what sites. Right now there is minimal monitoring.

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    It realy hurts the adware company since they now lose Cingular, Travelvelocity and others as supporters.

    Strike one were thee fines if they continue watch it get worst

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    This is really HUGE!!!

    ďAdvertisers can no longer insulate themselves from liability by turning a blind eye to how their advertisements are delivered, or by placing ads through intermediaries, such as media buyers."

    I love this news!!!

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    The fines are laughable, and certainly won't hurt those companies, but the message itself is worth millions as it can be a warning to other companies.
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    The fines are laughable, but imagine the PR (public relations, not page rank) cost to the companies as well. Who wants to be outed in the media as paying the bastards that infect everyone's computers with parasitic software? Hopefully other merchants will take notice and back away.

    Now where are the fines for the parasites...?
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