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    Local Results Getting Top SERPS For Local Searches
    Which makes sense I guess, here's an example:

    More on the Google Blog:

    This won't affect most but some people have made a nice living dominating those spots, going to be losing some money.

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    Go to and watch the demo on the home page. Along the same lines as this. ask city

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    The example is a little bit different than the scenario I'll desceibe below, but still relevant.

    The real estate firm i work with took advantage of Google Base when G started showing the Base results up top for local RE listing searches. Thinking was though, after they had done it for a whiole, that traffic neither increased nor decreased from being involved.

    However, the SERPs looked a little different for those searches, and the Base results initially didn't take up that much space. For the pizza search you showed, however, the Local results are pretty noticable

    edit: Just went and looked... The Base results are gone altogether, and the Local results have taken their place... The firm I'm talking about does over 50% of the real estate transactions in the area, and aren't listed in the local results: RE Search

    Guess I better send them an email
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    Seems not all type of searches are arranged locally like this. I've tried it and some are just ordinary results.

    Nice info though.

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