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    CJ 1099-Misc Forms?
    When does CJ ship out the 1099 tax forms? I am try to get my taxes done but waiting for this last form. Thanks

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    The IRS deadline for the payor to mail the 1099 is today, 1/31. You do not need it to file your return. If you don't keep your own payment records, you can view all of your payments by clicking on Payment Status in the CJ Account Manager.

    If the total paid to you by a single payor in a calendar year is less than $600, the payor is not required to issue a 1099.

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    Might as well just wait to pay your taxes until the middle of February, when the updated tax forms and specifications are set in stone.. preventing the need to file an amendment.

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    I got mine today from CJ.

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    Me too. Looks ok.
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