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    In todays CJ mail


    We are aggressively expanding our database and are looking to purchase
    OPT-OUT coregistration leads. Do you sell coregs? If so, please send an
    email to with your price, volume range,
    and what data fields you collect so we can arrange a purchase.


    P.S. We also sell opt-ins and opt-outs if you are interested.

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    Geez, why don't they just say they're looking for spam victims?

    Wonder how long before burglars take up the opt-out idea, that they're entitled to rob you but then you can opt-out of future burglaries.

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    Boy, is this desperate, or what!!!

    Does anyone else find this as funny as I do?

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    Driveby spammers at ABW isn't a first. Getting the rats and other rodents to come out of their holes must mean they're getting hungry as something is drying up their food supply.

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