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    spammers - ECyberScreen / EMarketScreen
    I'm assuming that (Affiliate Management) is your site.
    I'm doing research for a company that will be writing an article about affiliate management. This company is considering featuring your site in this article. If your company is selected, they would place the article on their popular, online publication.

    I would need to hear from you soon if you're interested in being featured. You can either reply to this email or call 877-838-9862. Leave a message and I'll forward it to them so they can return your call.


    6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite #101
    Culver City, CA 90230-6983

    This people keep spamming. 4th email in last few months. I've never called or replied, but research from others on yahoo show that when they call you back they want $500.00 to join a program. E-mail looks legit, so be careful if you reply or they will spam you even more.

    If anyone lives near this address let us know how fake it is, or mail box:

    6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite #101
    Culver City, CA 90230-6983

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    This is Infosearch Media spamming
    Infosearch is a public SEO company, they're sending these false emails. It's a scam. Check out these links here:

    "My friend told me that they use spam as their main form of generating leads. I find this to be very interesting that a public company would be doing this since I always think of public companies as having to "play by the rules" more since they are in the public spotlight.

    Then it got even more interesting. Apparently, Infosearch has created false companies with false domains to spam from. They set them up in China to try and avoid the hosting and legal problems in the US; however, since they still spam into California, I believe this is still in violation of Federal spam laws.

    My friend told me that they made him call company owners and tell them they were writing a story about them, only to hook them and try and sell them content for their website. He said the name of the domain was (which has since been taken down)."

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