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    January 18th, 2005
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    Nominations for the worst ... of 2006?
    It's that time of year again and Haiko has started the nomination process for selecting the best of each category. Well, I was wondering how about if we did a similar process for selecting the worst prgram, network, etc. Maybe it would encourage those who are nominated to improve their ways.

    On the other hand, if selecting the "worst of" is considered too negative of an attitude I certainly understand and, Haiko, you are more than welcome to delete this whole thread if you don't like the idea.
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    Worst of....I nominate myself, for which categories I do not know, but I'm sure I can match several, lol.

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    Although there are a lot of seemingly negative posts on ABW, I personally don't think a "worst of" is productive. I thought about it this morning too though!!!! And as was immediately pointed out to me, there are too many "worsts" to point out. I think rewarding those that are nominated for the "best of" sets a standard for others to try and achieve.

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    There are many bad forums here and most of them have been removed/archived. For 2007 I hope that all forum owners try to use their posts to evangalize their programs and find solutions to affiliate concerns. That is my intent with all programs I manage or consult for.

    I am learning that it is much more effective to focus on the positive rather than the negative as a new found step father. Never one to blow sunshine up someones ass, I would rather hear about the good stuff.

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    Agree with Loxly and Chuck.

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    How about "Worst... Parasite... EVER."
    (in the voice of Comic Book Guy, natch)

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    well said loxly n chuck.

    We already have a parasite forum, don't think it is necessary to vote on that.

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    The idea might be better utilized by the Academy of Motion Pictures! I too would much rather see the "best of" - and keep things on the positive high road.
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