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    Share my Adsense Technique – for newbies : )
    My Friends,

    Today, I would like to share my experience about “Google Adsense Arbitrage”. I do trial and error for a certain period and I earn pretty good money with this method.

    First of all, many guys may not know what “Adsense Arbitrage” is so I will explain briefly about it prior to going over with details. “Arbitrage” that is a famous technique used in a stock exchange is the method of buying something in one place and selling it in another place at the same time, in order to make a profit from the difference in price in the two places. OK my friends, the process is simple. You buy cheap targeted traffics from Pay Per Click (PPC) such as “Google Adwords”, “Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture)”, “MSN Adcenter”, etc to your web sites/landing pages and let people click your high CPC Adsense ads.

    In the past, you can buy the cheap keywords and bring the people to your landing pages contained only Adsense and high paying keywords. However, today major PPC’s consider relevancy of landing pages so we need to modify old “Arbitrage” technique and I will explain the technique as you follow my article.

    The following example demonstrates Adsense Arbitrage site: [REMOVED]. It gets the targeted traffic from PPC’s and makes money with Adsense (I think you can imagine how it works right now). This is not my website. It's just only an example I get from the internet.

    Let’s start with a current workable methodology. There are several simple strategies as follows:

    1. Keywords Strategies

    • Find a high paying keyword as home mortgage (more ideas [REMOVED] )
    • Find the maximum bid at the maximum bid should be more than 3 $. What’s more, you should see next bid cost too. If you see that the maximum bid is 5$ and the second bid is 0.5 $, you should not consider this keyword. If you see 4$ for the 2nd keywords, 3$ for the 3rd keyword, 2$ for the 4th keywords, you should consider this is the potential keyword.
    • Find relevance keywords about 500 – 1000 keywords.
    • Find good keywords that should have high KEI and low Results per Searched ratio, R/S.

    2. Web sites/landing pages strategies

    • Create good landing pages that contain relevance content. You can find out good contents relating with your high paying keyword (Step 1) from the internet.
    • You MUST link each landing page back to your index page.
    • You MUST have a sitemap in order to let the bots know about your site.

    3. Google Adwords and other PPC’s strategies
    I recommend you firstly drive your traffic with Google Adwords and use “Google Analytics” to track how effective of your campaigns is.

    • Use the relevance keywords from Step 1 to start with “Content Network” in Google Adwords and a maximum bid each keyword should not exceed 0.05 $. After you run campaigns for awhile you will know which keywords perform good earning for you. Note: you can not know which good earning keywords are from “Content Network” but you will know them from “Google Analytic and Adlogger”.

    • Then you use the good earning keywords for “Search/Search Network” in Google Adwords. I recommend you apply all match options (Broad, Match, Exact) for “Search/Search Network” and you also can use the good earning keywords in other PPC’s as Overture, MSN Adcenter in order to bring more good targeted traffics.

    4. Use “Adlogger” to block blacklist IP’s, limit click times of each visitor and keep tracking good and bad keywords.

    5. Use “Adsense Channel” to track how much we earn from each landing page so you will know how much profit each landing page generates.

    6. Try to eliminate “Made For Adsense Site (mfa)” because it has low bid price. You can open URL’s shown in your landing page in order to find mfa sites (do not click your ads, please open in new window). After that you use “Competitive Filter” to eliminate mfa sites. You should always check if there are mfa shown in your landing page.

    7. Try to modify your landing page to maximize your profit

    8. Always keep track statistic and do keyword analysis. Therefore you will know which keywords make you money or waste your money

    I hope that my Adsense technique will help you to understand Adsense Arbitrage and increase your Adsense profit.

    Read more about how to find easily HIGH PAYING Adsense keywords and Get free Adsense Arbitrage report at [Removed]

    Cheers my lovely friends
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    Dang I missed it before the edit. I wanted to go buy all of his books and GET RICK QUICK. Shoot, I missed. I've been looking for this for years and years. I would have bought 2 of them. I could have been rich. This would have been like buying a winning lotto ticket.

    It looks so easy to do, why isn't everyone else doing it?

    Oh well. I was going to add this to the money I just got from the royal family in Nigeria. Seems like they need to flee. They are sending me $100,000.00 and all I have to do is send them half back in cash. That's a good deal for me.

    I can use it to buy Viagra online. I keep getting emails for it but can't afford it. Now I'll be able to buy lots and lots of it.

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    Man, too bad Sopa didn't do it the right way by paying for an announcement, because the information he shared here is definitely interesting. Sopa - if you are ever here again, I encourage you to do a paid announcement. I'd like to see the rest of the book. Always looking for information that will help me better understand this new frontier.
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    Another Adsense garbitrager!

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    WTF does playing the difference between PPCSE click cost have to do with affiliate marketing???
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    "What have you done today to put real value into a referral click...from a shoppers viewpoint!"

    Please tell us what YOU have done to this end?
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    lmao [)] Schooner...... I too won a UK lottery for 100000 Pound Sterling.....I have never been to UK. Their intelligent computer selected my name out of million ppl. I feel sorry for the guys who have been staying in Uk for long and not winning a lottery. Poor Them..[:P]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schooner
    Oh well. I was going to add this to the money I just got from the royal family in Nigeria. Seems like they need to flee. They are sending me $100,000.00 and all I have to do is send them half back in cash.
    Before the advent of the internet, and the growing acceptance of email in communication, I had no idea just how royal my blood line is. All this time I thought my heritage was more akin to a mutt...
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