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    Hi to All,


    I am a newbie (at most things to do with the WEB). I have started a new NFP WEB Site and am funding it myself.... all I ask is help for Net Access and Hosting costs etc....

    I have no clue how to go about getting sponsorship and was hoping for a bit of an idea.

    My site is based around Multiple Sclerosis and Disabilities...

    It is free and includes a range of fun things... including a forum where a growing number of people are "popping in" to have a break, learn a little and laugh a little.

    I do this because I have prematurely retired due to disability and this keeps me busy and in touch with people (most of which I have never met)....

    People tell me that I should be able to get sponsorship, but I have no idea how ???

    I am happy to include banners etc if need be, but I really don't know how to go about this ?

    Any help greatly appreciated....

    Site as it is:


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    Hi and welcome to ABW!

    The subject of affiliate marketing (this board's subject) is VERY extensive and therefore I will first say to read lots of old posts. I couldn't give a decent overview of this business in one post--it'd just raise more questions than it would answer! Then after you read the old posts ask your *remaining* questions and we'll be glad to help.

    I'll try to start you off with a glossary/FAQ though, so you're not totally lost here at ABW when you see these terms being batted around:

    Affiliate Marketing (what we do here) is when you get people to buy stuff from stores that you are affiliated with, and get a commission from that.

    Banners come in many flavors re: the deal that's behind them. There's CPM, where you're paid according to how many thousand banners are shown on your site. Of course, that is only worth anything if you have LOTS of traffic! CPM pay is really pathetic compared to affiliate marketing, on a revenue site. But some content people are glad to make $1 CPM...

    There's banners where you are paid for each click one gets.

    There's banners which support affiliate marketing efforts, and with these you only get paid if the person buys/signs up for something after they click.

    Independent Advertising Deals can be made where you charge $X to places to show their banners or text links, either for a set amount of time or by CPM.

    CPM means "Cost Per Mil", in other words cost per thousand impressions.

    CPC is cost per click.

    CPA is cost per action. That's aff. marketing. A "click" is not the same as an "action". Actions are more serious--either the person buys or signs up for something.

    A Network on this board, means a network where affiliates and merchants find each other. Usually the Network makes the payments in this case. There are also CPM networks but the knowledge of them on this board is quite limited IMO. We deal with CPA networks.

    You will see that certain members are more loyal to some networks than others! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    A Content Site has information, entertainment, or some other traffic draw other than products for sale.

    A Revenue Site is a store, and avoids having noncommercial content on it. These are much easier to make profitable! (It would probably be easier for you to run a Revenue Site and use the proceeds from that to finance your content site.) Revenue Sites can be almost no work or a lot of work, depending on the setup.

    Google of course is that huge search engine. You will notice that people around here pay a lot of attention to the "Google Dance". That is when the new index is fading in, and the old one is fading out. It's possible to get a peek at your rankings for the new index during this time.

    Parasiteware is browser software that causes your traffic to see noncommissionable ads and/or end up on the wrong site, by various means. In other words, it steals commissions! See the Parasiteware forums for more info on this. This is THE HOT ISSUE at ABW. These are also sometimes called "Duperaffiliates" or just "Dupers". It would take a post in itself to explain that...

    I will say that since you have a nonprofit site of that subject matter, you may be able to get something from an Amazon donation box other than jibes about your sales ability (which is what a regular Commercial site would get)...

    Good luck, I know you probably still have a million questions but with that glossary you should be able to make more sense out of the old and new posts you read!


    There is no knowledge that is not power.~~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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    Thanks... it is clear that I have a long way to go and lots of reading ahead..........


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    I'm afraid traditional sponsorship will be extremely hard to come by. The fact of the matter is that advertising value is way down on the web and for a fairly new site it will be hard to find a company willing to sponsor you. However, since you're here you probably realized that there's a better way. The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don't have to approach a company and try to show them why advertising with you will be a good thing for them. Here you pick the products you think will sell on your site, you place them there, and if you're right, you get paid. The companies have no risk, so they usually (though not always) require no convincing in order to sell their products on your site. If you integrate the right products into your site in the right manner, you can do far better than you would with a traditional sponsorship agreement. Dave

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