Regular Price: 20$
Orginal Price: 50$

Regular price is the price you need to pay to get this template. The orginal price is the price you need to pay to get full rights on this template. If you pay the orginal price, you are the author of this template and therefore you can do whatever you want with this template - reselling for example.

- This template comes with PSD template made with Adobe Photoshop CS2. You can see a screenshot of it below.
- Required fonts are included within the template pack.
- I can customize the template for you and design your entire website if you wish, price is 20$.
- I can code the template for you (Valid XHTML & CSS), price is 20$.
- All prices are in United States Dollars, USD $.
- I accept only PayPal payments.
- I am ready to take designing requests and also some coding requests (XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL).

Note: Images are watermarked.


You can contact me in 12 hours emailing, posting here or sending PM.