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    Keywords.Hey I am no1 using the keyword mailordering in Google and Aol. What does this mean? Nothing,because not too many people use this keywood. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to expand the use of this keyword? Thanks to those of you who forwarded banners,You to come up in search engines under mailordering as the keyword.

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    Hey Mailman,

    Considering you already own the domain for the keyword, you should be up there, so 1st well yes, the right place.
    Look at the competition just 260 I guess for the exact keyword.
    Hence, seems no use....

    Start using the phrase "mail ordering" on your site a lot & it will increase the hits from google...

    Bets wishes !

    Cheers, RR.
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    Try getting a short term account on wordtracker (don't use the free search, it's not that helpful) and play around with different keywords. This will allow you to get a better idea of what people are searching for and can tell how to make the best use of the keywords you're good in and find new ones to use. Good luck, Dave

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