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    For those of you who have been hearing about the World Summit on Sustainable Development and are curious about what is going on and how it could potentially affect your affiliate sales in the future, I bring you this first hand account of the events and their affects. For those long term affiliate sales planners, the following predictions should be particularly useful:

    1) Suntan lotion sales will go up. The US has done its best to kill the efforts of the Summit and still refuses to do anything concrete about global warming. They claimed in a briefing the other day that agreeing to targets was not the best way to go and they would not bind themselves to anything, yet they assured us at the same time that their methods would work better than those that the rest of the world was binding itself to. As a result, expect more days of summer in the future and start planning for suntan lotion sales accordingly.

    2) Water filter sales will go down. One of the bright points of the Summit has been the ability to agree that sanitation needs to be a priority to protect water quality and avert disease. Therefore if any of you are making your living selling water filters to the third world, you may want to diversify.

    3) Air filter sales will go up. I went to a great talk the other day about ways to reduce air pollution from diesel trucks. The four presenters at the talk were fantastic, however there were only about seven of us in the audience. Meanwhile, the singalong in the next room seemed to be well attended. I took this as a sign that there is insufficient interest in seriously addressing air pollution issues, therefore those who want to breathe clean air in the future will have to filter it.

    4) Condom sales will go up. This conference is in Africa. Therefore, the conference topic could be about the discovery of polar bears on the outer rings of Saturn and AIDS issues would still rise to the top. The consensus, lots of people have it and no one likes abstinence. The plan for the future, tell everyone that they can do whatever they want, but they shouldn't go out without their rubbers. As no teenage kid wants to buy condoms in their family drug store, internet sales look promising.

    5) Anti-Bush paraphernalia should continue to do well in international markets. Bush bashing is in style. There are t-shirts, buttons, and slogans in every paper in town. His failure to attend the conference has not been well received. If there are any merchants selling anti-Bush goods, it could be a growing market overseas.

    That's all for this update. We've got two days of conferencing left to go and all the good stuff usually happens near the end, so keep an eye out for more updates. Your humble delegate in South Africa.

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    Thanks Organic!

    Vicki [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

    she was tired of being poor, and she wasn't into selling door to door.... CSN

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    Sigh ... don't know whether to laugh or cry at this report!

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    >As a result, expect more days of summer in the future and start planning for suntan lotion sales accordingly.

    But not for long. And expect property prices in sunny countries to go through the roof.

    Thing is, most people think global warming just warms things up a bit, and maybe they'll soon be able to grow grapes or something. But thats the least of it.

    Far as I can make it out it goes something like this...

    You get natural cycles of warming and freezing of around 10-12000 years. We're about due a real cold spell anyway. So what do we do???

    We pump out greehouse gasses for the sake of bigger cars and happy meals. This traps more heat close to the earth's surface so that the higher reaches of the atmosphere are even colder than usual. (The weather becomes more violent when there is a temperature difference like that).

    In the meantime, due to the warming the polar ice caps melt flooding particularly the Atlantic with freshwater - (evaporates at a lower temperature than saltwater and means the atmosphere gets saturated with water vapor).

    The atlantic currents are caused by the difference in temperature between the equator and the north pole because cold water sinks and warn water rises. If you flood the Altlantic with fresh water the North Atlantic current will fail because the temperature difference is not maintained.

    It is the movement of ocean currents distribute air temperature across the globe. When they fail, so will the weather. If the North Atlantic current stopped then the (now) extra-cold air above the north pole would sink downwards.

    Ever wondered how those mammoths came to be? The ones that got found frozen solid and upright while stuffing their little mammothy faces with *temperate climate plants*?

    The weather is a chaotic system, and these have a habit of changing state in the blink of an eye.


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