I'd normally just consider this a routine spam (with the long list of keyword phrases), but then I thought it might be legit, and now I realize that it really is a scam -- but it's actually pretty clever:

> Subject: "Article Writing Invitation"
"We are looking for expert authors like you to write articles related to e-commerce, e-marketing, search engines, XXXXXXX, thumbnails, recent search industry updates, recent search industry innovations, Google cheat sheets, Yahoo cheat sheets, search operators, e-collaboration tools, search industry product reviews, handy webmasters tools, and comparative/competitive analysis of website and web development for our website XXXXXXX.org. XXXXXXXX.org is a non-profit initiative * * * For your articles, we want to compensate you with a 6-month placement of our sponsor text ads that is worth $300." <

I clicked to view the site, and saw that it has a PageRank of 7. That seemed to make the situation more plausible. But then I noticed that the "sponsor text ads" would appear on a different site (.net instead of .org), which looks like a worthless search-engine page, and has a PageRank of zero.

So basically, they want original article content to boost their high-quality PageRank-7 site, and they'll compensate authors by giving them worthless free links on a garbage site. But someone who's not paying close attention might think they're getting a free link on a PageRank-7 site, and spend some time writing (or stealing) an article.