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    Bought a .mobi - er... now what?
    I was browsing around my favoured domain names site, trying out some names I wish I'd thought of 5 years ago or more when I tried what I thought was a great affiliate name. Seems it was available as .mobi, so I bought it for the next 2 years.

    I have this possibly workable idea whereby it could be used as an affiliate domain AND work on mobile devices that are sub-laptop in size.

    So what screen size do I design for? 240 or 320? are these too ambitious? I see many phones that have smaller than this. 240 with tables at 100% seems a good way to go, but does anyone have anything other than "I reckon" to base a decision on?

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    Karen Verelley of LinkShare did a workshop entitled "Mobile Phone Affiliate Marketing" at the past affiliate summit. I believe, she recommended 120 px in width, no tables, no frames... I need to find my notes which are burried under a pile of papers... If someone else had attended the workshop, they may be able to correct me if I remembered it incorrectly.


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