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    Advise On How Should I Go About Promoting As An Affiliate
    Hi all,

    Wil here from Singapore.

    I would like to get some input from experience folks on how should I go about becoming a successful affiliate.

    Here's some background:

    * I have a site that features a unique patented physical product. It takes order on the site and most, if not all, the orders come from United States.

    * To generate traffic to my site, I have added content to my site via:
    - Adding reprint rights articles.
    - Onsite blog.

    * On my content pages, I added adsense and one or at most two affiliate link on the page.

    I am getting ready to really plunge in towards the deeper end in affiliate marketing, and would like to make sure things are done correctly (or at least the best possible approach) from the beginning.

    As I look at it, there are three ways that I can promote affiliate products (automotive related):

    1. Continue to do what I am doing now i.e. adding affiliate link to content pages (so far not yielding much result).

    2. Start to promote affiliate product in the onsite blog.

    3. Start a sub-domain and focus that sub-domain on doing product reviews and doing affiliate promotion from there.

    Would really appreciate all advises as am really new to affiliate marketing.

    Many thanks.

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    Any and all your ideas sound good. Without more information its hard to say what might work. The only thing might be to think about eliminating adsense. If you find that if people click on your links they are likely to buy, then why would you want to tempt them to click on a non-affiliate link for pennies a click when you could earn a nice commission on your affiliate links?
    Jason Rosenbaum
    Affiliate Manager

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    Hi Surfiro...welcome to the forum.

    Remember, a key to successful conversions for affiliate links is preselling. That means you want to give a good referral for that merchant so that your visitor will develop trust and be more inclined to click and buy.

    Also a visitor only buys when they are ready. That means there must be a need for the product. Hopefully your keywords and content have established that need and now it's just a question of who can meet that need. This is where selecting good merchants and preselling them moves your visitor to the next step in the buying cycle. This is also a great point to add links that create urgency like coupons, promotions and datafeed type product links.

    You always want to move your visitor forward in the buying cycle so providing what they need at each point is the role of your content and your links. You can find a little more information about what I'm talking about here.

    Remember whatever you decide to do, be sure it adds value for your visitor. They will then feel as if their time is well spent. Eventually they will begin to trust you and then watch your conversion go up. Good luck...

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