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    September 13th, 2006
    just starting to get refferals...
    Well, I have been actively promoting one of my affiliate sites, and I have about 500 clicks from 5 or more months of promoting it. Up until Jan. I hadn't received any referrals though, not even voided ones, but I have recently had 2 of my first referrals, which have been voided, and additionally 2 more referralls which are in "processing"... So my question is, Is it normal to recieve such a sudden increase in referrals after having hundreds of clicks with no referrals, or is it possible that I had referrals that weren't tracked for some reason

    has anybody else experienced this, it has been really frustrating. I have had a steady stream of clicks from a couple of forums, and I haven't started any new ad campaigns lately, so just find this a bit odd with the recent surge in activity....

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    September 13th, 2006
    basically, I am interested in knowing if it is usual to receive a surge in Sales, Voided or not, after months and months of advertising with no sales? I haven't started to do any extra advertising lately, all of my clicks are coming from the same source...

    also, the merchant I am using has a free trial, which could account for my voided sales, but I have had about 500 clicks, and I would expect to have much more voided sales if that were the case.

    maybe there is some referrals not being reported properly in the past months, or maybe I have just gotten some good luck this month...

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