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    Looking for premade affiliate directory
    Howdy all my first post woohooo....

    I was wondering if there are any ( and there must be, otherwise I making it...side tracked .......flight of thought ........tooo much coffee )

    ------Let me start again---------

    Because it need to fill up a website quickly with content I was wondering if there were any search engine friendly pre-built affiliate directories.
    out there.... that I can place my affiliate code in and I am done ...

    2-3 tier programs would be most ideal for what I am doing....

    I will be working on creating something myself but I need a directory there yesterday....

    The average person on the site would be looking for home based business ,Internet based business, mlms, franchises etc...

    Thoughts suggestions ?!? I need this ASAP...


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    I don't know of any off the top of my head, but you might want to just find your own programs and copy and paste the links into the design yourself if your running that far behind.
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