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    BeFree Merchants Not Issuing 1099s
    I have three BeFree merchants for which I was paid more than $600 each in 2006. I didn't receive 1099s from any of them. It would seem that BeFree (CJ) may not have reminded their merchants that they are required to issue 1099s to all affiliates who were paid at least $600 in 2006.

    Of course I will be reporting this income nonetheless, but this is a heads up if you want to contact your BeFree merchants who paid you $600 or more in 2006.

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    I received a 1099 from Barnes & Noble. Just FYI in case anybody else hasn't received theirs yet.


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    It's always been hit or miss on 1099s from BeFree merchants.

    With other networks, if the network writes the checks the network sends the 1099s. With BeFree, the network would write the checks but they would "brand" the checks with the merchant's name. Then, they would require the merchant to send 1099s. The only thing is that it didn't appear to be communicated very well (if at all).
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    Nothing from Best Buy yet, anybody get one from them?

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    I received a 1099 from the only BeFree merchant that paid me more than $600.

    Over the years, I've received 1099s from at least 90% and possibly 100% of my merchants (who paid me more than $600 and thus should be sending them), though sometimes they arrive a few weeks late. I think I'm only waiting on one more 1099 for this year, but I'll certainly need to double-check in a couple of weeks to make sure.

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