Well, I better get this done because there are other threads to respond to. Yet, I didn't want to let this simply pass by. I've written this post a couple times now already.

Competition is good. God Bless Abestweb, it's creators, moderators and active members. Bit by bit you are creating, enabling and enhancing competitive marketplaces. You help America and the world come out of poverty or a life without hope through your compassion and commitment.

I owe so many of you gratitude for your kind encouragement. And now, you poor things. you're stuck with me. (oh, you are so in for it :-)) It's only just begun. <insert evil laugh>

I'll admit to being a slow learner and a late bloomer right here and now. But I'm no turtle. Yes, I have to go back and read more. Yet, here's what I did this year. After 6 years with one company, starting an indy program from scratch

1. No more cushy corporate job. Whoops, no room in the budget for an AM in 2006. Apparently, that has changed (yeah, I see you) . Was it Me? LOL.

2. Tried a regular sales Job. They said they wanted me to use my internet skills. Whoops! small minds who have big jobs in little companies don't listen very well or realize what is happening to their market. Mooving on....

3. CPA Network (kinda - whatever, ebooks) on DT - AN AWESOME LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Intense and lots of access. This got me to ARC in Chicago and AdTech in NY, and all the networking that came with them. Thank You "mrlobsterskin" in case you are in here. which, I think you are, you just won't reveal yourself, ya wuss. (just a joke -anonymity can be good) I know the CPA pressure better now. So again, I thank you.

Okay, So that brings me here. We have some commissions rolling on the affiliate side now that is quite encouraging and the OPM/consulting is becoming a reality. I have some choice things to say about the way AM's are being painted as doing something any webmonkey could do in other circles. Usually, it's some "Internet Marketing Director" who posturing for attention or justifying paying so little to make so much from their program. Worse yet, are the programs with a ghost for affiliate management. Rest assured those merchants will need to change as the competition continues to come seriously online and consumer generated marketing grows into it's next phase of turning the advertising world on it's proverbial ear.

Grab the "oh-shit handle" I think we are in for a bumpy ride ..wheeee!!!

Two more things: (passed from friends on ABW)

"It's Simple - Not easy".

"Do it f**king Now"! (DIFN) *Repeat in mind throughout day*.

All the Best & Continued Success to whomever reads this post.

- amnotaturtle