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    Boy, am I glad I joined this forum. I've had the same situation at

    Every time the member area goes down (which it's done about three times lately) and there is that notice that sales may not appear immediately but will be added back in, I have none.

    I wrote and asked them to check things out and they wrote back that all was fine and hey, i made a sale that day. but then, it went back to nothing, in spite of lots of hits to my pages.

    Please, if anyone gets an answer on this from post it ok?


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    If CJ admits to problems I would also like to know

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    Tracking was fine. The tracking servers,, and web servers,, are two separate systems. In Befree's case, befree and bfree are two separate systems. Next time you suspect a problem try pinging the tracking servers. If you do not get a response then check the internet traffic report at or use traceroute to verify that the problem is not your computer. The part about the sale being there then dissapearing sounds strange. How many sales per month are you generating through CJ?

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