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    Identity theft offline versus online
    Thought this might be an interesting read. According to the article, as much as 80% of identity theft is the end result of B & M transactiions, most of which occurs from retailers storing customer data. It makes me wonder if eventually the Government steps in by limiting the time such data can be stored. What do you think?
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    Sure makes the Identity thieves and credit card counterfeiters drool over the schemes like SecondBite and MetaRewards have in place at major retailers. Screw just swiping the completed transactions info down to the pin numbers. These folks also have 100% access to every piece of info shoppers put into the shopping cart without completeing the transaction.

    To do this the Brick-n-mortar identity thieves would have to pick-pocket the shoppers wallets waiting in the checkout lines and scan the sellable data... then replace wallets to cover the ID theft. Online some programmer in a 3rd world country will sell you a script for cash to do the whole senerio for a few grand.
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    Just saw an article in USA today that id theft is currently the #1 FTC complaint.

    (Shameless plus) Hopefully our new John Walsh product can help curtail some of this...
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