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    help me about afftrack parameter!
    I want to track my keyword conversion by use afftrack parameter.
    on SAS help center show me that:
    don't use any spaces and special characters
    can i use 'afftrack=123 ABC 567 DEF' ?
    have space in afftrack parameter


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    My guess is that SAS will insert a %20 or whatever the character is for a space. I would not leave spaces. If you need a space to analyze the reports later, insert a unique character string then use Word or another text editor or a script to replace the string with a space when you are analyzing the logs.
    I asked about this once and was told that any alpha-numeric value works and that there really is no defined limit on # of characters.

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    i think there's a limit on chars and that you shouldn't use a space.

    from the sas help files:
    "The tracking string must be alphanumeric, and can not contain any spaces or special characters. There is a 255 character limit."

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    I would simply NEVER use a space in any text that will be part of a URL, nor would I use %20 or + as a substitute, because at some point they will get translated back to spaces and cause a problem. (Of course, I do use %20 or + when passing a keyword phrase which will be used in a search or to match at a destination site, as with Amazon Recommended Products links).

    I use dashes in most of my afftrack codes (e.g. afftrack=google-widget-prices as the tracking code for a PPC campaign for searches for "widget prices"), but I know I've used underscores in the past and they seem to work OK.

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