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    Keeping it Clean Podcast from AFP
    I am not sure if Kellie (from AFP) was going to call it out, but the other day she invited me to do a podcast entitled:

    Keeping it Clean: Achieving High ROAS Through Affiliate Channel Integrity
    Located here:
    It's a bit long winded but covers several topics I think are pertinent to new affiliate mangers including:
    • Determining your true ROAS in the affiliate channel
    • The impact of parasites in your marketing program beyond the affiliate channel
    • What percent of the revenue that a parasite in your top ten brings in is real revenue
    • Talking to your CEO about removing a parasite who is in your top ten

    Again the podcast is a bit too long, after all once you get either Kellie or I going, but I think there is some worthwhile information in there. I am sure as Kellie and AFP gets more experienced at putting such podcasts together they will be more streamlined. Check it out. I am sure AMs would find it helpful and affiliate might find it interesting to hear the kind of challenges AMs face within the corporate environment.
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    Thank you Angel for being my guinea pig and doing the first one. I should have broken it down into a series of segments, because it is too much to try and cover in a meaningful way in what was scheduled as 30 minutes. And any future shows we do, only one of us is allowed to brew a fresh pot of cofee just before air time..not both of us.

    I do hope people find the info helpful. I know it's questions I get personally quite a bit. I've already gotten committments from several others for future shows (and no I'm not going to make you talk that long!) on a wide variety of topics. And nope, I'm not going to just be doing shows about adware and the such.

    And again, a very big thank you Angel for sharing your knowledge and experiences on this topic and for all your support in my endeavors. And the coffee that's on it's way.

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    Is it possible to download an mp3 of this? Or do I have to listen with the flash player?

    edit: ah...found the download button, right next to play heh

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    Just listened to the whole thing. Good start, Kellie!!


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