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    Accessing ShareASale FTP Datafeeds
    I've searched without success, although I'm pretty sure there must be a thread here that explains this -- so here's my question:

    I am approved for FTP access for a number of merchants. Now, is there some way that I can easily download "all the datafeeds" (or better yet, "all the datafeeds updated since [date]"), without manually visiting each numeric directory and selecting the file to download?

    I had first assumed that I could get "all the datafeeds" by merely selecting all the directories and transferring them -- but that results in transferring all three versions of each datafeed file (txt, gz, and zip), which is an absurd waste of bandwidth.

    Am I missing something here? I'm not sure how ftp access is an improvement at all over regular access to the .csv files from the datafeeds page -- in fact, it appears to actually take longer to select each file with ftp. I'm sure there's a trick or technique that I'm just not figuring out.

    (I have set up a script to import all new datafeeds into my database, and manually downloaded dozens of datafeeds, but I want to make this a lot more automatic.)

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    By nature, the FTP server is really best accessed by a script. You can tell a script to ...

    1. login
    2. read which directories are available
    3. check the date on a specific type of file that you use, such as ... .txt. or .gz, etc...
    4. download the files that you want based on your own preferences.

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    FTP is a joy. Each script of mine automatically FTP's the feed to my server, and imports it into the database. I have a script for each merchant since I normally have to add in a bunch of extra cleanup queries after import (renaming cats, removing non-categorized products, etc). And also to allow for the appropriate fields base on network/merchant.

    The scripts are run on a cron job, I rarely have to touch them (except to add new queries).

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