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    Datafeed sites
    I was thinking of making a datafeed site, but wonder if there's a way of beating the duplicate content rule without rewriting every description. Do high PR links persuade Google et al. it isn't really 'rubbish'.

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    Dumping unoriginal content onto a high-pagerank site will almost certainly cause the pagerank to plummet. Original, useful, relevant content is what gets people to visit your site and take action, and eventually Google usually "figures that out."

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    If you don't customize you are just duplicating content. Lots to read in the datafeed forum.

    Start with the "building a bulletproof" thread...
    Deborah Carney

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    This brings up an interesting question. Is it okay to use AJAX to hide your duplicate content from spiders? At first I thought this might seem underhanded, but in effect it only serves to help your customers. Maybe you can even integrate them into your internal search to offer better search results. But do the search engines really need this content? Maybe they do to get a better overall quality score of your site. If you're hiding it they might consider that cloaking. But many sites use AJAX to cover 99% of their content. Does intent play a part in this?

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    Oops I've expressed myself badly, I meant has anybody tried buying incoming links from a high PR site to offset the duplicate content rule. Logically it might, since duplication is a measure of rubbish, incoming links the converse.

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