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    Weekends Are No Longer Dead
    I remember when not too long ago the period from mid-Friday through Sunday was the time when we hardly had any considerable activity at ABW... Looks like things are changing. 1500+ users online now, over 100 of which are active ABW-ers. Great threads are being started over weekends now, and great discussions going on...



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    Might be because it's winter. It freezing cold outside where I'm at right now. Dropped into the 50's. Time for a sweater. I hate San Diego this time of year. Been in the 40's twice this month.

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    I was going to say no more college of nfl football on the weekends but probably not enough of a reason. I want football back.

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    Weekends haven't always been dead, that is when most part time affiliates are actually available, like nights. It is one of the reasons that I encourage managers to hang around more on weekends. As an affiliate one of the things I didn't like was not being able to get info from managers on weekends, and I really appreciated the ones that *were* around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mack
    Might be because it's winter. It freezing cold outside where I'm at right now. Dropped into the 50's. Time for a sweater. I hate San Diego this time of year. Been in the 40's twice this month.
    Yeah, well, we have a chance of getting UP to 40 tomorrow - that's before the snow gets here on Tuesday.

    And, Loxly makes a good that weekends are good working times for P/T affiliates. I am weaning myself from the ol' "day j*b" - where I only toil for "the system" on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. But, I still find that Sunday mornings are good for page development work.

    For example, I am (right now - well, anyway, in between sessions of reading ABW) reworking several real estate pages (part of much larger "local" sites) for two important markets in Maryland - both have first page organic Google results for CityName real estate (where one is usually in second place). I want to add insurance quotes for new homeowners. I applied to what [I believe] will be a good source at SAS, but will have to wait (a couple days) for a response. If I had a [weekend] response or an "auto approval" the links could be up already.

    That "delay" is really no big deal because I have lots of other projects (as I'm sure we all do) to build and/or refine. But it does put things off for a while. I may not get back to those pages for another week or so.
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    I'm usually off dancing somewhere during this period. Just got up for the day. Now I can see the result of the discussions you good people were in.

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