i need some help with fulltext search on sql server 2000
i have 2 main quastion:
1) my data table contains 10 milion rows - when i am running the FULL population IT take like more then 10 hour to finish the proccess
my full text search it is just on the title(one colums) how can i speed the proccess ? i need to upload every week the same amount (10mil items)

2) when i am runnig the full text search (FULL population) its take all my cpu and memory (im using amd 1.8 with 4gig ram) so i decided to run the proccess on diffrent box and then upload the FTdata to the server
BUT when i restart the search server (after i past their the new cataloge that is already mad) - the server do recovery and then start the FULL population agine!
How can i avoid the server from doing the FULL population , and let it Use the catalog file without -re populate !

thank you.