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    Do we have to log in each and every time? I go to the login page and put in my user name and password and check the box that says to remember my login so I won't have do it each time. But every time I come back I have to do it over again. Am I doing something wrong?, or is there a special landing page? Thanks

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    Ken, just out of curiousity are your cookies enabled or do you delete the cookies on your comp before you come here? I believe but may be wrong that you have to have a cookie set on your comp. Other than that I don't have a clue as to why you have to sign in each time.

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    Do you have it set to "remember me"?

    If you do then ...

    If your using IE, version 5.x or lower, try this:
    1.Select Tools -> Internet Options -> Temporary Internet Files section

    2.Click "Settings" and enable the option "Every visit to the page". NOTE: Now is a good time to limit the number of megabytes that Internet Explorer has to store pages on your hard disk; its default is 1% of your total hard disk size. Consider reducing that down to 10 Megabytes at this time.

    3.Click "OK"

    4.Click "Delete Files"

    5.Click "OK"

    If you're using IE 6, try this:
    1.Tools -> Internet Options Privacy Tab

    2.Click "Advanced"

    3.Ensure settings are the following:

    -> "Override automatic cookie handling" - CHECKED
    -> First party Cookies: ACCEPT - selected
    -> Third-party Cookies: BLOCK - selected
    -> "Always allow session cookies" - user discretion

    For Netscape, try this:
    1.Select Edit -> Preferences -> Click the '+' next to "Advanced"

    2.Select "Cache"

    3.Menu on the right says "Document in cache is compared to Document on network:"
    ->"Once Per session"
    ->"Every time"

    4.Choose "Every Time"

    5.Click "OK"

    Let me know if any of this does/doesn't work ...

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    That worked...Thanx alot.

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