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    I don't know if this is the right forum to place this in since it could actually go any one of several places. Anyway, here is the question/problem.

    There are many sources that allow you to add free content to your site by simply adding a line of javascript to your page. While a lot of this stuff is junk, some of it is pretty useful. For example, yesterday I used this method to add a really nice looking (and nice working) crossword puzzle that changes daily to one of my sites.

    OK, Google can't read the javascript and so it doesn't count as content for Google other than whatever I add to the page around the javascript. However, I would hope that adding such content as a daily crossword would help to make the site sticky. Presumably people offer these scripts to get links back to their site. However, if the link to their site is served up by the javascript, then the search engines don't see the links, right?

    A large part of why I am asking all of this is because I am considering trying to come up with a javascript of my own that I can syndicate to get links back to one or more of my sites. Of course this is all similar to writing articles and posting them on one of the free article sites for syndication except it uses javascript.

    So... is javascript syndication a worthwhile process to pursue and can the search engines pick up the link back to your site if you do it?
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    Just want to throw something out for your idea. Don't be sneaky about anything.

    I found a couple nice little scripts like that. Looking inside the actual script I found where the author had mad a call to his home page to load a 1 pixel gif. So it was just for hits. I wouldn't mind it doing that, if I knew up front that it was without having to look through it myself. Saw some that even load ads.

    I like having little widgets that keep people around. I don't like ones like little rss readers that make someone click away from my site.

    The crossword one sounds nice.

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