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    Thwart the Three Biggest Internet Threats of 2007
    I thought this was kind of funny finding a link to this article on the home page of MSN, from an article in PC World. Author not a Microsoft fan at all from reading 1 and 3 especially:

    Threat #1: IE
    Threat #2: Phishing and Identity Theft
    Threat #3: Malware

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    Yeap, definitely a bit ironic being where it is. lol

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    Trust, thanks for passing this article along. As our techs have been reviewing and modifying security lately, I thought it might be a useful bit of information for them and passed it along. I'd also like to know what everyone here thinks about what he suggests regarding ActiveX enablement. Thanks again for noting and passing this on T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALH - AmeritrustRx
    I'd also like to know what everyone here thinks about what he suggests regarding ActiveX enablement.
    Simple: I run Firefox. Immediately after installing Firefox, I went and downloaded the Adblock extension that eliminates banner ads from my web surfing experience. You'd be surprised how much more enjoyable surfing the internet can be when you have the power to remove any embedded object from any web site!

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    I'd also like to know what everyone here thinks about what he suggests regarding ActiveX enablement.
    Well, the funnier thing is that even going to that page it will ask you if you want to allow Active X installed. It's due to MS own banner on the top of that page. If you select have Active X enabled you will see the MS banner and it links to MS own business site. If you have Active X disabled, you will not see banner at the top and see error at bottom.

    So, question is? Who can stop this madness if not even MS will stop it via their own sites to protect us.

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    Halarious! I ran accross something on digg pointing to an article about making music on PC's that recommended Garage Band, the mac only iLife application. They gotta get some better proofreaders I guess!
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    I bet number 1 will change to FF pretty soon as IE 7 is installed on over 100 million PCs and FF security has gone down hill.

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    Wow. Maybe CPA networks aren't that bad, after all.
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