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Payment via PayPal - quick transfers - free push to GoDaddy account - the majority of the domains have a full year before they expire - check whois for exact dates if needed.

First to post SOLD and the domain gets it. Posted on multiple boards, so claim the ones you want now while they are still available - will go by timestamp. Many of these names have tremendous development potential and can also be flipped at a nice profit.

Each of these pronounceable 5 character domains could be used for a new Web 2.0 project (social network, blog, video, tagging, etc.).
This could be a great name for either for a national directory of hair salons/barbers or a music related site (cuts/kuttz).
This is a great name for either an app directory or a conference name for new apps (xxx,xxx's of results for 'application index' in the search engines)
Excellent name for a review related service or site.
Great domain with a familiar sound - perfect for linking directory,ratings, etc.
This could be used for a forum, blog or classified site to post events for free.
This domain can be used for a video site, e-commerce, etc.
Excellent name for a domain registrar/reseller or naming related site.
Great domain for a review site or blog - every company wants advance buzz.
Blooks are books serialized on a blog - this is a highly brandable name that can be used as a blook directory, how-to-guide, etc.
Excellent name for any web analytics, tracking or advertising related service.
Mashups are huge - use this domain as an aggregator for API's.
Great name for an RSS related service.
Very brandable name for an email related service or product - could even be used for a sweepstakes offering as well.
This name can be used for lead gen, surveys/polls or any marketing related site or service.
Marketing to cell phones will be huge in 2007 and beyond - this is a brandable name that can be used for any cell-phone related service.
Very brandable name for a music related site - easy to remember.
Excellent name for an ad network or online advertising related service.
Excellent name for a tracking or analytics related service.
Great name for an email notification service or newsletter.
Can be used for a video or direct response television (DRTV) related site.
Good buzz related name for a marketing company, blog or newsletter.
Memorable name for an email relate
Excellent name for a domain drop service, website, blog, how-to-guide, etc.
Offer free wifi and sell advertising space - this will be huge in 2007.
Brandable name for pay-per-call service, sales industry, dozens of strong possibilities.
Good domain for Apple or Mac related info - blog, forum, etc.
Easy to remember domain that can be used as a Realtor referral/lead/affiliate network.
Excellent domain for anything related to handhelds/pda's.
Great domain for a holdings company, idea incubator or business network.
Great name for a txt/sms blog, forum, how-to, etc.
Catchy name for a search engine that shares ppc revenue (examples: -
Great name for an rss feed related service (also a typo of feedburner)
Very brandable name for a Tablet PC resource - store, blog, etc.
Catchy 6 character domain with a Web 2.0 style name.
A great domain for a punk music related site.
Great name for an email service, newsletter, blog, etc.
This domain is perfect for vodcast (video podcast) consulting, forum, blog, etc. All PodcastGuru domains are already taken (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.)
Great domain for a wishlist site or anything wish related.
A perfect name for a group participation website. Create a social network or forum for around this name and crank out the user-generated pageviews.
A short, memorable name for PPC related information - publish content and get your share of those expensive keywords with AdSense, YPN, Etc.
Great name for an icon design site, forum or contest.
Quick payment is what everyone wants - this name is perfect for an online payment service.
Text links are everywhere - they are cost effective and help with SE ranking. Start your own text link network.
Good name for a forum or blog post/thread/comment tracking service.

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