Two Boy Scouts (one a scout master and the other a patrol boy) and two Girl Guides (one a Guide Leader and the other a sweet young girl guide) were travelling on a train. As they sat there, facing each other, there was not much conversation. Then the train entered a tunnel.

Everything went dark. A kiss was heard, then the sound of somebody being slapped. When the train came out again, the sweet girl guide touched her cheeks -- the part where she had been kissed in the tunnel. The scout master stood there, feeling terribly embarrassed and his cheek was red from a slap.

Here are the thoughs of all four after the incident:

The Old Guide Leader: "Serves the scout master right. He must have kissed Alice (the sweet young girl guide) and Alice gave him a tight slap. Well done, Alice!"

The Scout Master: "Why the little... Rob (the patrol boy) must have kissed the sweet young girl and she slapped me wrongly instead of him in the dark. How embarrasing!"

Alice: "That stupid Scout Master, imagine giving me a kiss on the face like that. Trying to be fresh. Jolly good of Mrs. Brown (the old guider) to be quick enough to slap him on the face. Otherwise he would have blamed the innocent patrol boy of kissing me in the dark."

The Patrol Boy: "Ah, today is my lucky day. I'd kissed a beautiful girl, then slap my scout master on the face without being caught."