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    Dear Amen Wardy Home Publisher,

    You are receiving this message because Amen Wardy Home has changed their cookie duration. This change will go into effect on 9/27/02.
    The cookie duration is the length of time a cookie remains active in a browser. The cookie allows us to
    track publisher commissions. We allow our Advertisers to set their own cookie duration.

    The former Cookie Duration was 45 days.
    The new Cookie Duration will be 1 days.


    Between merchants dumping affiliates, cluelessness about datafeeds and the purpose of advanced linking, merchants who think we are dumb enough to believe excuses about why they went to bed with scumware for a 2nd time and now advertisers dumping cookies down to one day - I just don't know how much more of this I can deal with! I want to smack em all up side the head!

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    All the things you mentioned would probably explain why I was actually making more money off my aff site 1 1/2 to 2 years ago when it had been just sitting there dorminant, no promotion, no updates, and only about 25% of the links even valid, than I'm making on it now that I've updated it and have been promoting it a bit. Thank goodness for my ecom site! Although all the ad blockers are starting to screw around with my shopping cart. I'm starting to get more and more customers complaining about not being able to place orders and now the first thing I tell them is make sure you have cookies turned on. Then low and behold the order will come through. Urgh! Really does make you want to pull your hair out or better yet someone elses!

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