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    I posted this in the grey area thread. I'm not an expert on this at all. But would this work? I have no problem if a person downloads a program where something pops up or a slider pops up, if the user goes straight to the merchant site. But if someone goes to one of our sites and clicks an affiliate link, then goes to the merchant site, there should be no pop up. Is there any way a merchant can somehow get something in the affiliate code that would disable a popup or slider?
    Example lets say i sign up for XRewards program that pops up coupons when i visit a merchant site. Lets say the merchant is Both I and GreatRewards are affilates of If somebody who downloads the XRewards program then goes straight to and a popup occurs, thats ok. But if somebody goes to my site and clicks a affiliate link taking them to merchants site, there should be no popups. Something in the affiliate link disabling the popup. If that makes any sense.

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    In my opinion this would not work for the simple reason that the merchants are not displeased with the actions of the parasites. If a merchant wants to disallow a parasite, they have the right to do so. However, most merchants do not care which one of you the sale is coming from, it's the same from their perspective.

    You want a solution to the parasites? I think the best solution would be a class action. If we have a strong case legally (and I haven't looked into it enough to decide if we do) then we most likely wouldn't have to pay any legal costs.

    My two cents. Dave

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