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    Stale SAS Merchants (invalid datafeeds, 404)
    Why doesn't ShareASale have a system to detect some obvious problems with their merchants' datafeeds (and in some cases, with merchants whose businesses are completely defunct)? This should be a huge embarassment.

    In working with datafeeds today, I noticed that a surprising number of SAS merchants had not updated their datafeeds in the past 2 years, so I quickly tested the datafeeds for each merchant whose datafeed was "last updated" in 2004 or earlier. Of course, some of these datafeeds worked fine, and the product and price info matched. Unfortunately, about half the merchants I checked had "broken datafeeds" or worse:
    • Berrydog Bikinis & Beachwear 6812 -- all traffic redirects to a "domain placeholder" search page
    • Sunshine Jewelry 5846 -- most images broken; ALL links 404 not found
    • 3623 -- images broken, destination pages 404
    • 3972 -- images broken, destination pages 404
    • CTC Food International, Inc. -- some images broken, all links redirect to where many products are no longer offered
    • 3746 -- many images and links come up "not found"
    • Krooked Stix Direct Golf Shop 4970 -- many broken pictures, but even products that have working image URLs still come up "not found"
    • Carolina Sauce Company Inc 5295 -- destination pages have different product names and different prices from datafeed

    I only checked merchants whose datafeeds are currently more than 26 months old and contain more than just one or a few products -- I suspect that when I check the (many more) merchants whose "last updates" were in 2005, I will have similar experiences.

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    Most importantly , are affilates still getting credit for the traffic they send over?

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