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    Which Product To Sell
    hi to you all

    i know this has been asked heaps before i would imagine?

    How would you start and where to find a product to sell and start off with

    hope this is not to boring a question


    cheers kev

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    Consider a product or products that you have most knowledge of. Look for something that you really like. Make a list of products and then do a pro and con analysis of each.

    First choice may be a gold mine or a complete flop. Try again.

    Most important thing to consider is "what do other people want to buy?"

    When you do all of the scientific analysis .........leave some room for the gut feeling.
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    Witzer put it beautifully and to the point.

    Besides all of the above, a cold and rational analysis of conversion rates, EPC, competitiveness of the merchant and decency of its affiliate program/AM should also not be forgotten.


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    Witzer hit it. Something you have knowledge of and something you are interested in. It makes the work seem much easier.
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    Witzer's right, but let me offer a more specific example.

    A couple of years ago, my wife (then my fiancee) shared her interest in scrapbooking with me, and I started doing some research. I found that there was almost no meaningful information about products in the scrapbooking industry -- no objective reviews, just hype and promotional information, plus a wealth of hard-to-find information scattered among many posts in a zillion discussion forums.

    I registered a domain and chose a product that seemed interesting, and I bought it and wrote a review (because I have experience writing product reviews for various publications).

    In my review, I tried to identify specific reasons why the product (an organizer/tote for carrying a wide selection of scrapbooking papers) might be useful, as well as identifying specific reasons why the item might not be appropriate for some users. (For example, I noticed that some of the pockets for paper had rounded corners, which would "smoosh" the corners of the paper.)

    I posted the review on my site, along with some other content. Along with the review, I provided an affiliate link to a merchant.

    I then abandoned the site -- after about a month, I just stopped updating the site, and moved on to other activities. When someone searches for the product name on Google, my review comes up as one of the top few listings.*

    Over the next 18 months, a merchant credited me with commissions for the sales of about a dozen orders for this product. I earned just over $2 for each order, so I earned about $25. (Of course, most products have a limited "shelf life," and a review's usefulness usually ends when the product is discontinued.)

    I spent about two hours preparing my review of that product, and I earned $25. If you are persistent (and able to write readable, useful product reviews), you could easily write a review like this each day, and have 30 product reviews in a month, or 180 product reviews in six months. The result might be some decent affiliate earnings (if you could achieve the same results I did with that review, you might get $1 x 180 reviews = $180 per month in affiliate earnings); or you might earn more, or less, or nothing at all.

    If you choose a "saturated category," like creating a web site about digital cameras, you would have much more trouble getting traffic.

    * In doing a Google search just now, I found that two other people had plagiarized (copied) my review and re-posted it on their own web sites as their own work. (This is a serious drawback of creating useful content and posting it on the internet -- dishonest people steal it and pass it off as their own work, and try to profit from it.)
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    Which product to sell is perhaps less the question than which content to create. Write the content, and then you can merchandise, to use a retailing term, products around that content.

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