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Thread: Datafeed Update

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    Betty Mills Datafeed Update
    Hey All,
    I just wanted to let everybody know that we are going to be moving our datafeed from a CSV file to pipe delineated. All scripts will be updated and will still run correctly.

    Is there anybody that will have problems switching over? Please let us know!

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    Friendly reminder. Please be sure to inform Asif.

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    Thanks Mack,

    Both Cusimano Scripts, Goldencan and Akiva's Dynamic PSC are in the loop on this change to Pipe delim.

    We will make an annoucement when the change is in place.

    We also have a new feature in the works that will update the feed nightly. That should be rolling out in a few days or sooner. You will never have a price discrepancy so long as you have the most current feed in place.

    For anyone who wants to take a look at our most current BEAUTIFUL and MOST WONDERFUL DATAFEED - just click here to download.

    Some secret goodies in there for the trained eye


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