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    Google API Key for Digital Point Free Account.???
    i was at digital point trying to open a free account for keywords
    and they asked for a google api key? what is this, when i went to google there are many types of google API Keys, how do i find out which one to get or use??

    This is the site where they ask for the google API Key?

    can anyone help

    i have emailed there help but still no answer
    and i cant open the free account without

    hope u can help me

    thanks cheers kev

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    My understanding is that Google discontinued the distribution of SOAP APIs, which is what you need to work with DigitalPoint (current ones work fine). However, I heard somewhere that DigitalPoint is working on a way to include AJAX APIs (which is still given out by Google).

    Hope that helps.

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    Gogle Api Key?
    hi money business
    thanks for your fast reply.

    Why do i need a google api key? (beside needing it to create new digital point account)

    What does the api key allow me todo?

    How can i create a new ac at digital point if you cant get a api key?

    cheers kev

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    I used my API key for DigitlPoints Keyword Ranking software. The key basically allows you up to 1000 queries at a time. This is something that DigitalPoint doenst want to deal with (cant handle all those queries themselves), and so passes the query limits to members themselves.

    Hope that makes sense.

    As for creating an account, you will have to find a key to work with it, otherwise your SOL for the moment. May want to try asking around for someone elses key (you will have to do the research to determine if thats legal, per their terms of service)

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    If Google didn't require an API key, they would get deluged with millions of queries per day from some people. This is their way of limiting the activity to a reasonable number.
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