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    Amazing how things change
    I was looking up a topic and for some reason this thread popped up twice.

    Anyways I read it and wow has everything changed. It was also posted when some of the abw veterans had just joined. It is about the best network etc... You can tell some of the people who posted on here have sill not lost their sense of humor or posting sarcasm. =0)

    Anyways it also predates shareasale or predates them being a major contender and it is kind of a neat read. Pre-value click CJ as well I think. Its just kind of a good reminder on how fast the industry changes and how quickly and effectively new contenders can jump into the arena.
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    WOW! As a NEW member, that is just hard to believe...

    I remember about a year ago practically begging to get the money to sign-up with CJ. We procrastinated, the weeks went by, I got lazy, something came up, etc.

    Never been so glad to have procrastinated!
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    Some things haven't changed. Leader has ALWAYS hated Linkshare. (Me too.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhea
    Some things haven't changed. Leader has ALWAYS hated Linkshare. (Me too.)
    And because of people like you two! (Not counting all the negative threads that I have read)

    I still have not yet joined that network after being on ABW for four years, and after reading all the things that people post about them, what to do.

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