Hey Everyone,

I wanted to spread the word about our most recent press release distribution that went out today through PRWeb.com. There are some other great news distribution services out there but we're still loyal to these guys. We've seen the biggest bang for our buck from press releases with them.

(Side Note: In case anyone wants more info on how to drive traffic and build link popularity through press releases, THE BEST resource I've found is a thread right here on ABW in the Effective Advertising category: Press Releases and Your Site)

At any rate, this latest news is about our unique network philosophy that focuses on merchants only. No CPA offers, lead generation offers...just good and honest 'Affiliates' promoting ethical 'Merchants'.

Here's a quote: "AvantLink offers savvy online marketers a secure and efficient environment to promote a specific advertiser segment. This segment utilizes the traditional, cost per sale model of performance based online marketing; and consists of "merchants" offering "product catalogs" or datafeeds..."

If you're interested, Read the Entire Press Release or my recent Blog Post.

Gary M