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    AID that changes over the years
    Hi folks

    Am I the only one that works with some merchants that have changed their AID over the years? I didn't realize it until I start updating my old links and found out that the AID is different from the one I initially used.

    These are no banners which I understand will change if the old one expires but direct product links.

    So far there is 3 of them which I get very little sales from, for obvious reason.
    Now I have to go through every one of them just to be sure.

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    AID is the Ad ID. (PID is your publisher ID, which should never change.)

    Do the old links no longer work? That's fairly rare (and very stupid) for old links to quit working.

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    Hey Michael

    Thanks for the reply. I guess it is not an issue.

    I don't if I can post the following, if not please edit or remove it.

    One example would be, if you're currently an affiliate of Jegem, their datafeed located at shows the Ad ID, which I thought was Advertiser's ID, as xxxx5606. But if you were to obtain the feed from CJ, it would be xxxx4232. In this case, clicks are still being tracked but not as product catalog but text link for xxxx5606 range.

    Hopefully none of these AIDs get dropped or there would be tracking issues.

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