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    Home Networking - New affiliate program

    The FutureHome Guild -
    "Find a home network installer near you"

    One of the hottest computer industries these days is the home networking industry. I have recently started an association for home network installers. The association also serves as a localized directory of home network installers. We already have 380 installers with room for MANY more.

    If your web site offers home networking or general computer networking information or products, some of your readers are probably installers or want to start a small business doing installs.

    Here is the deal.
    * 15% commission for all new memberships
    * 90 day cookie
    On a $149 membership (standard) that is over $22.

    We are in the beginning stages of promotion but have already had press in both PC World this month(page 22 has a picture of me) and Network World last month.

    Target audience the guild: Home network installers, every local computer store, IT workers wanting to start a network install business on the side, every network install professional working at BestBuy or CompUSA that wants to earn a few dollars on the side.

    Technical: We are running Affiliate Wiz to track affiliate sales. More about this software can be found here.

    Thanks for consideration!
    FutureHome Guild, Inc.
    Chris Kaminski

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    You need to get your directory listings straight first! For instance, the Australia->Canberra sub-section at has 4 home installers listed, NONE of whom seem to be in Australia, let alone in Canberra!

    Until you've policed your directory to ensure all listings are correctly listed and categorized, I think it's too soon to be pushing your affiliate program.

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    Actually, they published themselves there. It is a self-service system. They must have published themselves there in error.

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