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    AffiliateBot spam?
    Earlier this month, I checked out the AffiliateBot web site, which left me with the conclusion that the company might be working with some sleazy merchant partners.

    Today, I received the following "boilerplate" email which moves them down on my to-do list from "probably not" to "never."

    I did a quick check at their web site, and of course there's no hint of any address or telephone number. The WHOIS record lists a Los Angeles street address for "BizCentral Inc." and a phone number in area code 302 (new to me - it turns out to be a Delaware area code). The WHOIS contacts use a .my suffix (Malaysia).

    Did other folks here get this exact same email? Or is this actually a genuine, personalized email which was simply not written very well?

    Hi Mark!

    I have visited your web site (url) and I am impressed with the network and traffic that you have been able to develop.

    After checking out your site and I believe that we can work together. You see, I subscribe to the idea that we can grow our income with professional relationships and contacts.

    I am the Affiliate Manager for AffiliateBOT - an affiliates network. I would like to offer you an opportunity to join our network. That way - we can benefit mutually with a binding partnership in the internet marketing arena.

    We believe we can learn from your expertise and experience. In the same way, we also believe that our proven and profitable affiliates programs would benefit your internet business.

    I hope we can continue this relationship for advancement of each other's cause. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you!

    Best regards,

    Ronald Allan Marva
    Affiliate Manager
    Re-inventing Internet Marketing

    Since you are in the internet marketing, you may want to promote AffiliateBOT and earn $1 for each active member referred and 5% of their earnings for Life! Here is the link which will provide you more information:

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    I got one, but it was different.

    Hi Michael,

    I am interested in providing you with some new affiliate offers from
    our network I noticed that you have quite a
    number of merchants listed on your site. Would you like to try the biggest asian fashion niche store.

    Also, we have a host of Dating Programs, Loans, and others.

    I can work with you closely on our programs.

    Hope to hear from you.


    (name removed, but a different person)

    ps: I read your copy on calculating EPCs and would likely implement
    something like that on our network soon. Perhaps we'll be the only
    network with a different angle on EPCs.

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    We received the one for merchants.


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