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    Does anyone know any good forums for other forms of internet advertising? I'm trying to find a forum for email advertising. (not spam) ie. reputable list renters, opt-in co-reg, etc.



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    There are several forums in the ABestWeb Academy section that deal with advertising, newsletters, etc. You can try posting your specific questions there.


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    If you would follow up and follow through here, you would soon be more concerned about finding more help for your order picking and shipping departments, rather than with grabbing at straws in other marketing channels.

    You have more "advertising" at your disposal here than anybody could shake a stick at, if only you would make the right impression and work with what is available to you. You are only scratching the surface by simply having your program on CJ. Work with your affiliates (and potential affiliates) and you'll soon see a few more zeros at the end of that number on the bottom of your balance sheet.

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