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    SEO Presentation/Seminar (in-office)?
    A prospective client contacted me, because their in-house SEO staffer just left, and they want someone to come in and train all four of their marketing staff on SEO. (I'm really not geared up for this, though there are some specific reasons they might prefer to have me do this.)

    Is anyone aware of a person or company that may be willing to "come in" to their offices and do a one-day session on Search Engine Optimization? I know I've received mailers for cheap or free "hotel seminars" which are obviously a sales pitch for someone's products or services, but I'm looking for something more substantive that will leave these folks satisfied that they understand the key issues (do's and don'ts, and some specific tips and tricks) for SEO.

    The client is in the San Francisco Bay Area, but might be willing to fly someone in if it's the right fit. (I'm certain that their goal is to AVOID hiring an outside SEO firm, but to try to meet their needs internally.)

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    BruceClay? I know they do seminars and often exhibit at SEO events like search engine strategies. Maybe they have a team they send out to train.

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    Can you tell us the industry your client is in?
    I have many SEO friends who might be interested.

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    Los Angeles

    Local & brilliant.
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