Where to begin? Last year whenever the balance was low in Kitchen Home Gadgets' account, CJ would deactivate them making it so none of my links worked. Then money would be deposited and links would work again.

Now it seems a new formula has developed. When December's earnings were locked the balance for my December earnings from Kitchen Home Gadgets stayed in the LOCKED section and never moved down for payment. I have seen this happen before, and expected that the amount would move down in February.

As it turns out, February payments have been distributed and the December amount for Kitchen Home Gadgets is still sitting in the LOCKED section of the Pending Commissions section. In addition, to this amount January earnings have been added and not paid.

Finally, even though the links are working, I have not had a single sale with Kitchen Home Gadgets since January 23. This is strange because they usually convert very well for me.

Anybody else seeing the same trend? Should I pull my links for KHG?