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    I was doing well with pay per lead for new automobile quotes and for mortgage quotes until this summer.

    I've seen a drastic drop over the past six months in these pay per lead revenues, maybe on the order of an 80% drop, and I can't begin to explain most of the drop.

    Any one else see this drop? Maybe it's just more competition, or is it scumware at work, or what? In some cases, I see click-throughs to pay-per-lead merchants remaining at historic levels while conversions plummet.

    It's a mystery ... any discussions are welcome.

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    Have only one but it is very consistent. Just keeps churning out those 50 cent pieces.

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    I wonder if any parasites made deals with your merchants? You might check the parasitic web sites and look to see if your companies are listed there.

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    Sure the parasites, spammers and the PPC and lead affiliate networks have ruined this revenue source. The endusers are getting too smart to fall for a lead merchants front end to list broker spammers. I never have or ever will promote a "lead" merchant since I appreciate my hard earned visitors and will never subject them to privacy abusive lead merchants.

    Most are crooked middlement any how and will negate your 10 cent lead with a vengence.

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    >>I was doing well with pay per lead for new automobile quotes and for mortgage quotes until this summer. <<

    Before I look at parasites, etc, I'd check first to see if there have been any changes or downward trends in auto sales or the housing sales/re-financing market.


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