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    Question Do we have to approve the Program Terms changes?
    What would happen if we didn't approve the Program Terms Changes? It wastes so much of our time approving these term changes. No other network has this awkward and time-consuming system.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I think most of the time you get moved into them automatically, sometimes I've had emails where you would get dropped if you didn't accept.

    I actually like the system. I want to know when program terms change and this is an easy way to see what's happening. Sometimes I get emails from LS merchants that program terms are changed but it's a lot more time consuming to see what the changes are.

    Just now going in I have 10 pending offers. Real easy. I just click on the merchant name and get a popup telling me the old terms and the new terms. It's right there.

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    If you don't decline the terms then eventually they go into effect anyway.

    You have 3 choices.
    1) You can accept the terms
    2) You can decline the terms and then your out of the program immediately
    3) Do nothing and it'll stay as it is until eventually becoming the new terms.

    If you don't like the new terms then you probably should email the merchant. They sometimes you can get them to change their mind or at least negotiate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azam
    It wastes so much of our time approving these term changes.
    Usually takes about 2 mouse clicks... what's so time consuming about that? If the terms are worse, let them take effect automatically by not doing anything. My understanding is that terms with the "special terms" pop-up will expire you if you don't accept, so be careful with that strategy.

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    I also find this extremely annoying and time consuming, I log into CJ nearly everyday and there is always at least 10 or more terms to accept or decline. I always go in and accept them, I never read them, who has time for that because as Trust points out, you get booted if you don't accept them or the merchant send s you annoying reminder emails? This is a really stupid idea, I hate it. Surly there must be a better way than wasting our time clicking 3 page terms with a load of legal mumbo jumbo. If I had to read all these terms that some merchants ask us to read it could take me hours each week, it is a totally ridiculous system.
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    if there are terms and conditions in addition to the normal PSA you must accept the new offer to stay active, otherwise the new offer will be the new terms after 7 days notice.

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    I like the Program Term Approval in the side box -- an easy click indicates that both merchant and affiliate are still interested in each other.

    There are some cases where there will be really long and convoluted notices containing multiple agreements to read -- although reading the notices slow the affiliate process for about ten to fifteen minutes (depending on the written content/legalese) these program term notices highlight important changes.
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