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    EPC or not EPC?
    We are considering adding the EPC values to our network campaigns to give our affiliate partners a general measure of campaign performance.

    Now, we realise that EPC is vague and can be misleading, but I am interested in how affiliates use this data (if at all) in determining campaign performance.

    I would be interested in any feedback...

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    When provided, it's just another piece of the pie. A network-wide average EPC isn't overly useful, but it's better than nothing.

    I proposed a way to calculate an EPC range, which I think is a little more informative and accurate. Here's some discussion from a merchant who ran the numbers manually. For him, his network average EPC was around $54 and the "range" from my calculations was $20 / $100 / $300.

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    Many discussion threads on ABW turn into a discussion of EPC. For example:
    (my post about EPC is #33 there).

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    I think it can be useful than not having it at all. It can give the affiliates a hint which programs can actually give them the earning. And essentially, also good for your business, since affiliates will be joining on programs that can actually yeild some earnings.

    Just ready yourself for recurring inquiries on this matter

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    Of course EPC figures are subjective and are no solid indicator of how a program will perform for any particular affiliate.

    BUT.... it is nice to have that info available as it does tell us which vendors generally convert well. Or in cases of vendors with $0.00 epc - it tells us that they do not convert sales at all (or have not put the tracking pixel in place ).
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    I like EPC, especailly if you have both a shorter and longer term version.

    Ex. 7 DAY EPC and 3 MONTH EPC

    It's a useful indicator of telling you overall performance and allows for some top down comparison.

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